Auto Calculators
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  Motion Software
Download the latest demos or order the full software programs. Includes Dynomation-6, DynoSim6, DragSim5, and FastLapSim5.

Dynomation 6
  Auto Calculators

Automotive Calculations by Bowling and Grippo

Auto Math Calculations by SmokemUP

Dyno Correction Factor Calculator

Automotive Calculations
  Racing formulae

Go to Dino's Auto Formulae webpage.


1. Auto Math Handbook by John Lawlor.

2. Mopar Performance Jeep Engines - Speed secrets & racing modifications for Jeep-built 4,6&V8 engines (Part # P5249586).

3. Mopar Performance catalog.

4. Haynes workshop manual for Jeep Cherokee 1984-1996 (Ref. #1553)

Newly updated and revised speed secrets and performance modifications book from Mopar Performance Parts.