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My vehicle modifications

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'01 XJ intake manifold, PS pump,and mounting bracket

Throttle body spacer #310-510

Borla header BOR17020

JET power control module 99212S

Robertshaw 180 Degree Thermostat

Triple-platinum spark plugs TP98E

Twin-core plug wires WS6709

Flowkooler high-flow water pump #1747

Magnaflow 2.5" SS muffler #14256 & Mike Leach 2.5" tailpipe

Daystar rear anti-sway bar bushings KJ05013

"Wood" dash from '95 XJ Limited

GTS Aerowing GTS-56550

Jeep headlamp covers

Front airdam from '91 GMC Jimmy

225/70R15 100H tires

Homebrew MAP Adjuster

'97-'01 XJ Auxiliary Electric Fan

14" Electric Primary Fan

Energy Suspension 28mm anti-sway bar end links and bushings ENS-2-5105G

Ford Racing 24lb/hr injectors M9593A302

Energy Suspension master bushing set ENS-2-18105G

Autometer Oil Temperature Gauge ATM-3348

1/8" NPT T-Piece adaptor 52397

Carbon fibre look hood vents

Chromed aluminium sports pedals

Simota Powerstack air filter WS002

Homebrew Powerstack FIPK

Autometer Phantom Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge ATM-5775

Modified Mustang 65mm Throttle Body

Thermotec aluminised heat barrier THE-13575